Looking for the next BiCon? See here!

Looking for the next BiCon? See here!

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Q1) Is it possible to pay for BiCon 2004 by installments rather than in one lump sum?

Installments is fine, give us something which is immediately cashable and the balance in clearly marked post dated cheques (best write NOT BEFORE XXX on the back for extra visibility). Banks pay no need at all to post-datedness on cheques these days so we need to be able to identify them. Please don't give us more than one cheque per month to cash...

Q2) In addressing the cheque does it matter how BiCon is written for example "bicon", "BICON" or does it not matter?

Cheques are case-insensitive so "bicon" will do nicely as payee as will "BICON" or even "BiCon 2004" - but not "BiCon 2008" or "BiCon 1992" for hopefully obvious reasons.

Q3) Can someone tell me about accomodation for the conference this year - what dates are the flats booked for and what options are there to either come early or stay late before or beyond the conference? I seem to remember there having been this option for at least one of the previous conferences.

The reception opens from 18:00 on the Thursday 26th August and BiCon officially ends on the afternoon / early evening of Monday 30th Aug. The rooms are available from the Thursday after 18:00 till Wednesday 10:00. This gives the BiCon team time to setup and clear up the venue either side of BiCon time.

Q4) What is the postcode/full address for the venue so I can find driving directions....

Give or take slight differences in area of Owen's Park the address is:
Owens Park,
293 Wilmslow Road,
Manchester M14 6HD

We will provide detailed directions, parking information and other venue details in the information packs nearer the time.

Q5) What is the layout of the flats like, how many bathrooms/toilets etc.....

Give or take variations within the flats there are 8 rooms per flat, each flat having two levels. Each flat has 2 bathrooms, one on each floor. One of the bathrooms has shower + toilet the other has toilet + bath. Each flat has a kitchen with sitting room, some of which are on the 'lower level' and others on the 'upper level'. If you have mobility issues we can give you a groundfloor room in a flat with a groundfloor kitchen.

Note: when we used the same accommodaton blocks at BiCon 2000, some people didn't realise that the sliding door lead to the stairs for the upper half of the flat....

Q6) Is there web access?

No, but there is an EasyEverything net cafe about 300 metres away from the venue and others slightly further away..