Looking for the next BiCon? See here!

Looking for the next BiCon? See here!

It's This Week!

Email circular, 21 August 2004...

Following the last email there are a few things that have come up in many people's replies, and a few things we've remembered we ought to have told you but didn't. So here are your final BiCon notes!


The most popular question has been about the accommodation - what's in the kitchen, how big are the beds, do you need to bring bedding, are there towels, is there a laundry onsite? The other common one is about car parking.

Well... They only provide hand towels, and 1 pillow per bed; 3ft wide single beds. Sheets and basic blanketty things are there, but you might want to bring a duvet or something similar if you like being extra cosy! As at the Manchester BiCon, the onsite laundry will be open, so if you spill a drink on your best pants you can get them clean.

The kitchens (shared between 8 people in the flat) have a chest freezer, larder fridge, microwave, kettle, cooker, iron & board, mop bucket, hoover, dishes, cutlery, tea towels, bin bags, pans, cooking utensils. But if you want to sink some wine note there are no cork screws, and if you like your alcohol as sugary as I do, no bottle-openers for getting into alcopops with.

There is car parking available in a car park at the venue, collect a pass from reception so no-one tries to remove your car overnight. We'll have signs up for where to park, but in case of confusion call BiCon reception on 07981 882xxx.

Finally, accommodation is in Oak House, while reception and the conference are in Owens Park. They seamlessly flow into one another as part of the same student residence campus. Both are non-smoking buildings, so if you need a ciggie, you'll need to pop outdoors.


In with your registration pack you should have had a blue freepost envelope with a survey in it - the Biblio people have asked those of you who intend to return it but haven't to get it down off the mantelpiece and post it in. If you didn't get one or spilt coffee on it, there will be extras at BiCon.


If you're in the Manchester area on the Monday before BiCon (Aug 23) we'll be having a pre-conference social downstairs at Taurus on Canal Street from 8pm til closing time. Drop in and join us.