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Session timetable

See also the general day program and the evening program. There is also a list of the workshops and descriptions
1000-1130 First timers Androgyny Bi activism in politicl parties and trade unions Do we recruit?
Bisexual biology BIsexual needs research Self defence Self harm
Erotic writing Are your genitals getting in the way of intimacy First timers' followup Sex work - take the money or pay the price?
Bi bookDrag Kings
Alternative relationship stylesCommitment in relationships
1145-1315 Speed dating Christianity and bisexuality Ethical sluttery Shamanism
Polyamory for beginners Up, down, sideways History of bisexual visibilityWhat next in London?
Fun and games Fun and games Fun and games
1400-1530 Sign language Afternoon off for Pride The bi.org domain name No sessions - BiCon will have finished
Coming out BIsexual theatre
Sex law Bi academics (double session)
1545-1715 Juggling The Bi Film project
BDSM Aftercare Just a minute
Sex in grids, metrics and diagrams Bi academics (double session)
Sensuality play Body painting
Please note that this is a preliminary timetable, though our aim is to remain as close as possible to it. The most likely changes will be additional workshops rather than cancellations or re-schedulings.