Looking for the next BiCon? See here!

Looking for the next BiCon? See here!

Ten Days To Go!

Email circular, 16 August 2004...

Thanks for registering in advance for this year's BiCon. I just thought I'd drop you a line with a few notes ahead of the conference.

First, to make sure you know where it is all happening. I know how easy it is to lose the map of how to get to BiCon - if you have, then you can find Owens Park on multimap at the following web address:


Or use the postcode, M14 6HX on www.multimap.co.uk

You should by now have had the August BiCon mailing, with a glossy leaflet about Oak House and notes on how to get there. You will also have had in there an art bag for the Line Bi Line exhibition and a flier about the DIY Disco. It's now too late to mail those things in to us so make sure you bring them with you on the weekend. However, the Biblio academics group have asked me to remind you about the anonymous survey in the blue envelope in that mailing -- if you have not filled it in and returned it they would be glad if you did, and the (different from BiCon mail) address it goes to will continue to receive such mail after the conference if you send it in later.

By now, anyone who has offered help eg gophering or running a workshop, or raised an access issue, should have heard from the relevant people -- if you haven't been contacted it may be that the correct box on the database hasn't been ticked or an email has gone astray; we're all human and these things happen. Drop us an email to make sure.

Reception will open at 6pm on Thursday 26th August and be open til about 10pm, probably a little later. If you are arriving after reception closes then you can collect your bedroom keys from the security lodge, so no need to panic if you get stuck in traffic or the train is running late. There are buses going past the venue to and from the city centre all through the night.

Speaking of bedroom keys -- we've started allocating people to flats, so if there is someone you'd like to share with and you haven't told us, let us know now! The flats have 8 bedrooms each, and while we will try to put you in with people you have requested we cannot promise it will work out for everyone.

Finally, if you get lost on the way to BiCon or need to let us know you will be arriving later than planned (for instance if you are running a workshop and won't make it in time) then the BiCon reception phone number is 07981 882xxx

Looking forward to seeing you next week